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Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected the questions that are constantly sent to us and combined them on one page for you.


Is buying followers legal?

Buying followers is of course a legal process. Accounts used in transactions are included in the pool with their permission and can be used in this way. The follower increase process is a kind of advertising strategy. With certain advertisements published, followers are gained to your profile.

Are the followers real?

Followers are of course real. The followers used in all our services consist of active and real people. Apart from that, the packages on our site are of course hosted in bot or foreign accounts. These are written in detail in the package descriptions.

How many followers should I buy?

If you have decided to buy followers, you should now start thinking about the amount you will buy. Because the number is always important. But this is a difficult thing. You should decide this according to your own audience; because the more followers you get, the more it will benefit you, provided that it is not exaggerated according to the size of your audience. In short, as it is always said, the more you advertise, the more return you get. There is a psychologically proven term called the 10,000 limit. In other words, profiles with more than 10,000 followers seem reliable in the eyes of people.

When will my followers arrive?

As Follows Buy team, we serve you 24/7, including holidays. In this context, your transaction is completed within 45-60 minutes after your order. Our system works with 100% automation. Your payment, order shipment and order completion are processed automatically. You can order at any time you want.

Is mobile payment available?

Unfortunately, mobile payment is not yet available in our systems. However, you can make your payments by Credit/Debit card, Wire Transfer/EFT or Papara method. Mobile payment, which is closed for security reasons, will be opened in the future. We keep it closed because there is fraud on other people's numbers.

When will I receive the E-invoice?

Every transaction you make from our systems is automatically converted into an instant E-Invoice. It may take 24-48 hours to reach you. You can send an e-mail to [email protected] for your invoices that do not arrive. If your invoice is delayed, you can also contact WhatsApp or Live Support.

Do I have to open the privacy of our account?

Accounts should not be hidden in all orders you place on our site. When you buy subscribers in YouTube, subscriber visibility must be active. Unfortunately, we cannot send to hidden accounts. Before placing an order, you must unhide your account and place an order.

Do I need to give my password?

Absolutely not. Follows Buy will never ask you for the passwords of your social media accounts or ask you to log in to an application. When creating an order, you only need to fill in the username/shipping link type information. Never trust companies that ask you for passwords!

Why should I choose Follows Buy?

Follows Buy is Turkey's first and legal corporate social media services provider. We do not victimized any of our customers with our service quality and customer satisfaction rate. Our 24/7 online support team is always on duty to help you.

Why should I buy followers?

The sale of followers is a unique option for increasing profile reputation and sales in general. You can buy followers to create a fresh and strong image for your individual or corporate accounts and to increase your brand awareness and sales from your corporate accounts.

My followers are decreasing, what should I do?

As Follows Buy team, we care about our after-sales support as much as our pre-sales support. In this context, if you create an after-sales support request from the contact section, additional support will be provided. Most packages on our site are guaranteed and compensated. Therefore, we recommend you to get guaranteed service even if your budget is low.

Should I buy followers for my corporate accounts?

With our 5 years of experience, we can say that follower purchases have always been beneficial for corporate companies. It is a useful process especially in issues such as creating or expanding brand image and increasing sales. It is in your best interest to get small followers, likes and other services that fit your budget.

Will anything happen to my account?

Absolutely not. Follows Buy has activated the spam protection system, which is very rare in the world. The working logic of spam protection is that your account is analyzed first. If there is no problem, it starts sending; but if it sees a problem, it sends slowly. Since the submissions are all organic, there is absolutely no damage.

When are compensations made?

Most of the services sent by our system do not decrease, but there may be a decrease in other cases. If you have purchased a guaranteed service, compensation is automatically sent by the system after the drop. It can take up to 0-96 hours to start sending.

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